K-2 Blog September 23-27

Most of the assessments have been completed. Scores will be available in the coming weeks or at Parent Teacher conferences on October 29 & November 7.


Kindergarten’s next unit will be working with patterns.

K-2 will have homework this week. It will come home on Monday and is due the following Monday.

1st grade will be measuring objects with popsicle sticks.

2nd grade will solve subtraction story problems using bar graphs and simple comparison bars.


Our mini lessons will focus on the story elements beginning with character and setting. Kindergarten will be focusing on the words - to , it & the. During words we are working on syllables.


We will be continuing the unit learning about communities. If anyone has a career they would like to share with our class please contact us as soon as possible. At the end of our unit we will have a field trip day visiting community locations in Kewaskum.

Monday & Wednesday we have gym and music. Please be sure the students have gym shoes.

Tuesday & Thursday we have art and library. K-1 has library on Tuesdays. 2nd grade has library on Thursday. Books can be returned at any time during the week.

Fridays we will be doing Second Step lessons which support our guidance curriculum.

Lunch for K-2 is at 11:30-12:05.

Upcoming Dates

9/27 Mini KEYS at FES

REMINDER!!! Please send a jacket with your child every day.

K-2Anne Wheiland