K-2 Blog Week of May 28-31

Week of May 28-31

Literacy: Next week K-2 will be doing comparing and contrasting books by the same author. (R. Munsch, C. Rylant…)

Math: Kindergarten and 1st grade will be reviewing all the skills from this year. 2nd grade will be working on their pretend lemonade stand a project based learning for math, literacy and writing. We will also continue to work with fractions.

*****Field Trip to the Zoo Wednesday, 5/29 8:50-3:30 Parents who are chaperoning have been contacted. If you weren’t contacted and still want to join us you can drive yourself and meet us there. Students must ride the school bus back with us as per school district policy.

During the last 26 days of school the K-2 classroom will be doing a ABC countdown to summer break. Each day will be a special Letter day.

5/28 Tuesday - U USA Dress in red, white and blue!

5/29 Wednesday - V Visit the Zoo!

5/30 Thursday - W Water Words Activity outside

5/31 Friday - X Tic Tac Toe

6/3 Monday - Y Wear Yellow

6/4 Tuesday - Z Zoom into summer!

Weekly Updates:

5/29 K-2 Zoo Field trip

5/27 No School Memorial Day

6/4 Picnic & Fun Day

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