K-2 Blog May 20-24

Week of May 20-24

Literacy: Next week K-2 will be doing comparing and contrasting books by the same author. (R. Munsch, C. Rylant…)

Math: Kindergarten and 1st grade will be working on identifying coins and their amounts. You can help at home by practicing counting change up to $1.00. 2nd grade will be reviewing story problems using length and reviewing fractions.

Science/social studies: To prepare for our zoo field trip we are beginning to classify animals and learn what they need to survive.

*****Field Trip to the Zoo Wednesday, 5/29 8:50-3:30 Parents who are chaperoning have been contacted. If you weren’t contacted and still want to join us you can drive yourself and meet us there. Students must ride the school bus back with us as per school district policy.

KELS Literacy test scores will come home Friday.

Read to Succeed Six Flags coupons will come home Friday.

During the last 26 days of school the K-2 classroom will be doing a ABC countdown to summer break. Each day will be a special Letter day.

5/20 Monday - P popcorn day

5/21 Tuesday - Q Quarters & Questioning activities

5/22 Wednesday - R wear rainbow colors

5/23 Thursday - S Swing, Slide and Soccer day

5/124 Friday - T tee shirt day!

Weekly Updates:

5/17 - Spring Carnival 6:00-7:30 pm

5/22 - All School Breakfast FUTP60

5/27 No School Memorial Day

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