Week of April 8-12

Week of April 8-12

Literacy: Next week K-2 will be discussing author’s purpose (Persuade, Inform, Entertain.)

Math: Kindergarten will be working on addition stories and teen numbers. 1st grade will be working measuring items with units and on ordering length. 2nd grade will be working on subtraction with numbers in 100’s and 1000’s place.

Science/social studies: Next week we will be finishing our final project for pushes and pulls. Your child may come home with a list of items they need for their project. Students will be coming up with a design for how to move rocks from point a to point b.

Weekly Updates:

4/9 All Schools field trip - MILWAUKEE PUBLIC MUSEUM. We will be leaving I4L at 8:45. Chaperones have been contacted. They should be here by 8:40. If you didn’t order a school lunch please be sure to bring a bag lunch.

4/11 Grandparent’s Day 8:50 Donuts and Coffee in Cafeteria; 9:30 join the classrooms for activities; Lunch to follow.

4/12 West Bend Theater 12:15-3:10 All School


K-2 Teachers

K-2Anne Wheiland