Week of March 11-15

Literacy: Next week we will learn about cause and effect. We will be reading assorted books during the mini lesson and identifying cause and effect within the story.

Math: Kindergarten will be working on 3D shapes and basic addition and subtraction facts. 1st grade will comparisons in graphs. We will also be starting to tell time to the o’clock and thirty. 2nd grade will be learning about picture and bar graphs. Continue talking about clocks and telling time at home.

2nd grade has begun learning cursive. They brought home an alphabet page with all the letters in cursive. They are so excited!

Science/social studies: We are beginning our next project on Pushes & Pull, Force & Motion. We are introducing the problem on Wednesday and finding pushes and pulls throughout the building.

Weekly Updates:

Please remember to send winter clothes in the winter months. If your child does not come with the proper gear, he/ she will not be able to go to recess or will have to stand on the wall.

3/11 PBIS Assembly at FES 12:30 -3:30

3/15 St. Patrick’s Day Activities

3/29 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:50-7:50 by request. We will contact you if we’d like to schedule a conference. If you’d like to request a conference please call the office to schedule.

K-2Anne Wheiland