Week of April 1st-5th

Literacy: Next week K-2 will be continuing to learn about elements of a fairy tale. We will be reading different fairy tales and discussing what makes them each fairy tales.

Math: Kindergarten will be working on finding the unknown addend in facts 0-6. 1st grade will be working on building 2d and 3d shapes and learning their attributes. 2nd grade will be working with addition in the hundreds and thousands place.

Science/social studies: Next week we will be having our PBIS assembly on responsibility on Monday. Wednesday will be the staff against 5th grade bball game during project time. We will be starting our final project for pushes and pulls on Tuesday and finishing it up on Thursday. Students will be coming up with a design for how to move rocks from point a to point b.

Weekly Updates:

3/28 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:50-7:50 by request. We prefer you bring your child.

3/29- Building for Kids field trip for K-2. Chaperones please be here by 8:40 with a bag to carry your groups lunches (roughly 6 students) until we arrive at the museum.

4/1- PBIS assembly on responsibility @ 2:45

4/3- Staff against 5th grade bball game @ 2:15


K-2 Teachers

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