Week of March 25th-29th

Literacy: Next week K-2 will be learning about elements of a fairy tale. We will be reading different fairy tales and discussing what makes them each fairy tales. 5k will be starting to learn the list B of sight words.

Math: Kindergarten will be working on places value, and writing numbers to 100. 1st grade will be working on building 2-d shapes and starting to learn about fractions. 2nd grade will be taking the pretest for unit 6. They will also be counting numbers to 1000, and learning place value with larger numbers.

Science/social studies: We’ve started our project on Pushes & Pull, Force & Motion. Next week we will be learning more in depth about forces and motion, and also discussion collision. If you could send in a shoe box for next week, we’d appreciate it! We need 1 per group of 4 students.

Weekly Updates:

3/22- Beach Day 2:15-3:15 Students can wear beachy clothes (no flip flips, suits, or thin strapped tank tops)

3/28 Parent Teacher Conferences 3:50-7:50 by request

3/29- Building for Kids field trip for K-2. Chaperones please be here by 8:40 with a bag to carry your groups lunches ( roughly 6 students) until we arrive at the museum.

K-2cassandra stahl