October 7-11, 2019

K-2 Blog September 30 - October 4

Most of the assessments have been completed. Scores will be available in the coming weeks or at Parent Teacher conferences on October 29 & November 7.


Kindergarten’s will be counting and comparing numbers one through ten. They will be using greater than, less than, and equal.

1st grade will be creating fact families using dominoes.

2nd grade will continue to work on place value of three digit numbers. They will also begin a unit on measuring.


This week we will be finishing up F & P reading level assessments. Kindergarten will be reviewing beginning sounds, rhyming, and practice with sight words.


Community Projects: Field trip to Kewaskum Community businesses will be Friday, Oct. 11. We are splitting the students into 3 groups. They will each be visiting 2 Kewaskum businesses (Library/Police Dept. or Cousins/Kewaskum Veterinary or Piggly Wiggly/DQ). Students will be researching one of the businesses to present at our Showcase night in November.

Parents who are riding the bus with us have been contacted.

Next week we will be having special community helper guests visit the classroom and talk about their jobs.

Upcoming News

Sarah Theisen will be joining us as a practicum student from Concordia University. She will be with us on Fridays for the month of October.

Oct. 7 - No school

Oct. 11- Afternoon field trip to visit community helpers in Kewaskum

Please sign up for parent teacher conferences . The google form came out earlier this week.

REMINDER!!! Please send a jacket with your child every day.

This week we will be sending home a special pumpkin project with your child. Your child can decorate a pumpkin based on their favorite character from a book. The details will come out later today. They will decorate a small pumpkin as their favorite character. They can bring it back with their book report and favorite book. We will display it in the hallway for our families to see. This project is optional.

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