Week of January 7th-11th

Literacy: Next week, 1st and 2nd grade will be learning about common and proper nouns. Kindergarten will focus on learning the sight words: of, was, do.

Math: Kindergarten will be working on fastbridge math testing and building teen numbers. 1st grade will be working on adding tens and ones using place value. 2nd grade will be working on nuit 4- quarters and dollars.

Science: We’ve introduced the next PLTW unit called Sun, Moon, and Stars. Next week the students will be making a sun dial and discussing how shadows are made.

Weekly Updates:

There has been a large number of students on the playground without gloves, hats, boots, etc. Please make sure your child comes to school with all of their winter gear.

1/7- Mid year Fastbridge assessments in reading and math will begin

1/7- PBIS Assembly at 2:45pm

1/11- PTO Movie Night -6:30pm

K-2 Team

PTO donated books to our classroom!

PTO donated books to our classroom!

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