Week of January 28th-1st

Literacy: Next week, 1-2 will be learning about adverbs. Kindergarten will review nouns, verbs, and adjectives. The kindergarten sight words for next week will be: little, girl, her.

Math: Kindergarten will be working on story problems with teen numbers and partners of ten. 1st grade will be working on addition and subtraction facts through 20. Basic facts cards will come home today. Cut them apart and begin practicing these basic facts. 2nd grade will be working on subtraction with 0 in the ones or tens spot. We will then be transition to modeling subtraction with money.

Science/social studies: Next week we will be doing our final project for the unit (the sun, moon, and stars). Students will be designing and building a playground that is projected from getting too many uv rays. They will be using a variety of materials such as cardboard, paper plates, pipe cleaners, foil , etc. We will be testing these models using uv beads that turn colors when they’re exposed to uv rays.

Weekly Updates:

Please remember to send winter clothes in the winter months. If your child does not come with the proper gear, he/ she will not be able to go to recess or will have to stand on the wall.

1/25- PBIS mixer (students will practice acceptance by sitting with mixed grade levels at lunch)

1/30- Scholastic book orders due. Please place these orders online

K-2 Team

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