3-5 Jan Update

Welcome to 2019 in the 3-5 Cohort!

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PBIS Focus for January: Acceptance

This month we have made the switch in math from focusing on fractions to focusing on operations of algebraic thinking. What does that mean? It looks different in the three grade levels, but our mini lessons focus more on working with numbers (including fractions and decimals in 5th grade) to solve equations or simplify expressions.

Our project focus this week has been looking at glaciers! We just had a great time talking and exploring about the layers of our foil and what we can learn about out past if we look close enough at it! Next up we will start exploring energy and work through some of our Project Lead the Way kits! We love those hands-on opportunities! Another fun project we have to look forward to is agriculture! We can’t wait to see what recipes the kids can come up with a focus on Wisconsin grown foods!

Take a look at our layered “dirt” cups!

In writing, we just wrapped up some amazing opinion pieces! We have added them to our hard cover books. Our next unit we will move into as a cohort. Our focus will be building our stamina and skills when it comes to responding to reading. We are so excited to share our masterpieces with you at Showcase Night!

We have spent a good chunk of our reading mini-lesson time talking, learning about and practicing identifying the theme of a text. To push a little more, we compare the theme of two texts. We talked at length about how the theme of a text is the lesson or message the author leaves us with when the book is finished. For more about theme, please take a look at this pdf: Why is Theme Important?

Finally, we had a fantastic field experience today! Our trip to the Art Museum and War Memorial were so special! The Art Museum tour was focused on communities and cultures. We had quite a whirlwind tour, so we are grateful for the free passes to go back and get a better look! After the MAM, we headed to the War Memorial for a place to eat lunch and a presentation on uniform history in our military. The kids had a great time dressing up in real military uniforms and learning about some of the tools our men and women use when they are on duty.

Take a look at some of the great snapshots from our day!

3-5Angie Petersen