Week of January 21st-25th

Literacy: Next week, K-2 will be learning about adjectives. Kindergarten will focus on learning the sight words: are, here, come.

Math: Kindergarten will be working on building teen numbers and working with sets of teens. 1st grade will be completing unit 4, and taking the chapter test on Tuesday. Our next unit will be on basic facts to 20. You could begin practicing this at home. 2nd grade will be working on the subtraction method, and how to subtract from 200.

Science/social studies: Next week Monday we will be learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and will be doing some activities that tie into his beliefs. For the rest of the week, we will be learning more about the patterns of the stars, and will be trying to solve the problem of how we could protect a playground from getting too much sunlight during the day. Sunday night between 9-10 pm, the Lunar Eclipse will be happening. We’ve been discussing this at school, so your child might be interested in seeing it.

Weekly Updates:

No School-Jan 18th

Please remember to send winter clothes in the winter months. If your child does not come with the proper gear, he/ she will not be able to go to recess or will have to stand on the wall.

1/25- PBIS mixer (students will practice acceptance by sitting with mixed grade levels at lunch)

1/30- Scholastic book orders due. Please place these orders online

K-2 Team

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