3-5 Update

Assignment Notebooks Have Arrived!
Our assignment notebooks have arrived! Students will be using their notebooks to document any homework or important reminders. Please check the notebooks each night.

We continued to work on narrative writing this week. Both groups worked on creating thoughtful leads that capture our readers. We also studied sentences and talked quite a bite about why authors use sentences in their writing-your child should be able to explain that a sentence must have a subject and predicate.

Our classroom is still buzzing with numbers and base ten work. We conitnue to work on place value, rounding and understanding what happens to a digit when it is multiplied (or divided if you’re in fifth grade) by 10.

As readers, we studied characters and their traits. We also organized our reading notebooks which will be used to take notes and keep information that we discuss during our mini-lessons.

Our first project is underway and we are so excited! In this project we are tourism experts. Ask your child for more information. We look forward to seeing everyone on Gallery Night, November 13th and our Annual Spaghetti Dinner!

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