3-5 Weekly Update

During reading minilessons this week we focused on determining the genre of books that we read. We will continue to dabble in genres next week as we transition into talking about identifying and comparing setting and characters for the next few weeks.

Book Clubs
Book Clubs are in full swing. Your child receives a homework assignment every time they meet for book club. They are given the opportunity to complete the assignment in class, if they choose to, during their independent reading time. If you would like your child to bring home their reading assignments to make sure they complete them at home, please communicate that with them.

All grade levels are working on place-value, comparing numbers and some operations. In addition to the grade-level minilesson, your child receives small group attention based on their math needs. Students were grouped based upon the preassessment that was given last week. Homework is sent home on a by-need basis.

This week during project time we created and uploaded our first blog post and discussed internet safety. We will be updating our blogs bi-weekly or monthly based on what is happening in the class. The blog can not be found through any search engine or through link. At this time, the only people who can view the blogs are the student owner, classroom teachers and Mr. Flood. We will send home a note in a couple of weeks requesting email addresses of parents who would like to have access to their child’s blog.
Next week we are diving into our first project…FORWARD!

Narratives continue to be our focus in both writing groups. Students were placed in groups based on their writing preassessment. While this week we focused on topic generation and writing stamina, next week will focus on more of the craft of writing-making our pieces something someone would really want to read!

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