Week of September 24th-28th

Literacy: Next week we will be finishing up the Kewaskum Early Literacy Screener for all students grades k-2. We will be starting fastbridge literacy and math testing. We do this in order to gain knowledge on each student’s literacy skills and math skills. The results from the KELS and Fastbridge will be shared with you at fall conferences. The mini lessons for literacy time will focus on the basic parts of a book using Helen Lester books. We will get into more in depth mini lessons once we have completed testing.

Math: Kindergarten has been working on drawing circles, squares, and rectangles, and comparing numbers 1-5. You can be working on writing numbers and shapes at home. 1st grade is going to finish working on partners of ten, and will be taking unit 1 test. 2nd grade is going to be talking about strategies using double facts, will be introduced to equation chains, and will be adding three and four addends together.

Social Studies: We will be continuing to learn about how to be a good citizen and how we can be good citizens in the community, school, and at home. We will be learning about the difference between laws and rules, and how people get to vote and have their voice heard to influence different laws.

Weekly Updates:

9/21- Mini KEYS run from 1:30-3:30 at Farmington Elementary. You are welcome to join us.

9/24- 8:40am Bus Evacuation drill

9/24- Pto meeting 6:30pm in 3-5 cohort

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