3-5 September 10-14 Pictures and Info!

The first week back was amazing! Students and staff showed up with incredible enthusiasm and excitement for this school year! Along with going through what the protocol looks like for our workshop environment we got to know each other and had a lot of fun!

One of our activities in writing was writing about a small moment from our summer. Look for the cool display in our hallways! Next week, we will begin our unit on writing narratives. Students will be split into two groups based on their writing needs. One group will be instructed by Ms. Gavin and Mrs. Pamperin and the other will be instructed by Mrs. Petersen.

In math, we spent our time getting familiar with the different aspects of our workshop: games, small group, mini-lesson, at-your-seat and technology. We are looking forward to beginning our typical math workshop early next week. Your child will probably not be bringing home homework every night, or even every week for math. If your child has homework, it will be something they should be able to complete on their own and will be documented in their assignment notebook…when the shipment finally arrives!

Next week in math we will begin our typical routines and our focus will be on place value in all three grades.

In reading this week we focused on reintroducing ourselves to genres. We would love students to dive into genres they may have not explored before. A lot of times when we hear kids say they don’t like reading we discover they really just don’t like the genre of book they’ve been reading and need something new! We will begin our reading small groups next week. Students will always have reading homework the night that they meet in small group. This will be documented in both their reading notebook and their assignment notebooks.

Check out some pictures from our work this week!

Angie Petersen3-5