Week of September 17th-21st

Literacy: This week we focused on rules and routines in the classroom and throughout the school. We’ve been practicing literacy center rotations. The students all seem to be adjusting well to the new school year. Next week we will be doing the Kewaskum Early Literacy Screener for all students grades k-2. We do this in order to gain knowledge on each students literacy skills. We will also be focusing on manners in different areas of our school. The results from the KELS will be shared with you at fall conferences.

Math: Kindergarten has been working on drawings of pictures to match the numbers 1-10. You can be working on writing numbers at home. 1st grade has been working on numbers partners that equal up to 10. 2nd grade is reviewing math mountains and understanding how addition and subtraction are related. We will begin to use math mountains on teen numbers up to 20.

Social Studies: We’ve been spending time this week on getting to know you activities in the classroom. Next week our focus will be on citizenship and why people need to follow rules and laws in a community and in school.

Weekly Updates:

9/18-Bus Safety presentation 9:30-10am (4k &5k students)

9/19- Picture Day. Watch for forms to come home

9/21- Mini KEYS run from 1:30-3:30 at Farmington Elementary. You are welcome to join us.

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