Week of April 9th-13th

Math- Kindergarten will be working on making comparisons (greater than, less than, equal to) with larger numbers. First grade will be finishing and testing on unit 7. Unit 8 will be beginning two digit addition using tens and ones cubes. Second grade will be working on subtracting from three digit numbers, practicing the ungrouping method, and we will also be talking about the relationship between addition and subtraction and how they can check their work. 

Literacy- We will continue to learn about author's purpose (is the book informational, persuasive, or entertaining).

Project Time- We started the incubation process for hatching chicks. They are expected to hatch around April 23rd. We will be starting a unit on light and sound (PLTW) 

 Upcoming Events:

4/6- K-2 field trip to Milwaukee Public Museum. Please wear i4L shirts. Parents that plan to meet us there, we will arrive around 10am. Students will need to stay with their assigned chaperone the entire time at the museum. Remember to bring a bag lunch if you did not sign up for one through school. All students will need to ride the bus back with us. We will be back to school around 3:30pm. 

4/12- Morning field trip to West Bend High School for the play Alice in Wonderland. 

K-2 Teachers

K-2cassandra stahl