Week of April 16th-20th

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Math- Kindergarten will be working on fastbridge math testing, and greater than, less than, and equal to. First grade will be fastbridge testing, and will be adding two digit numbers using stick and circle drawings. Second grade will be working on mixed word problems, taking the unit 6 test and unit 7 pretest. They might start fastbridge testing depending on how far they get on finishing up the other things. 

Literacy- We will be starting the spring KELS literacy testing with all students in the cohort. We will also be doing fastbridge math and reading testing. Our mini lessons will consist of read alouds and reviewing concept already taught. 

Project Time- We candled the eggs and were able to see inside of them this week. We were able to see the chicks starting to form. They are expected to hatch around April 23rd. This week we also learned about how sound travels. We did three different experiments using a container and rubber bands, metal water bottles, and stethoscope to make and hear sound. We discussed how sound waves travel from the object to our ears. We also watched/read the Magic School Bus in the Haunted House to learn more about how sound travels. 

 Upcoming Events:

4/18-Mrs. Stahl and Mrs. Radmer will attending a PBIS conference all day.

4/19- Grandparent's Day- beginning at 11:15 and concluding before the concert

4/19-Spring Concert- 2:00pm & 6:30pm. Students should arrive to classroom by 6:15pm to the k-2 classroom. 

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