3-5 News and Pictures

Another fun week in the 3-5 Cohort! Check out our experiment pictures below!

** Report cards are coming home next week. As always, a 3 is grade level expectation, a 2 is approaching grade level, a 1 is not quite there yet, and a 4 is exceeds grade level expectations. The grades that are given are not set it stone as many of the skills will be retaught and focued on throughout the school year. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Petersen or Mrs. Gavin.**

Math-Fractions are still our focus at all grade levels. Help your child increase their understanding of the concept of fractions by pointing out the fractions you see daily! How many of the players on the court are Bucks players? How much flour do I need for the cookies? What would happen if I doubled that amount?

Writing-Our persuasive essays are coming along very nicely! Many of the students in Mrs. Petersen’s writing group are excited to enter the next bend of our learning and choose their own opinion topic! They have plenty of ideas already!

Reading-We sent home a weekly comprehension sheet so you can get a better feel for what these sheets entail. We used information from these sheets to gain a better understanding of what students can do independently. Our focus for this week, last week and continuing into next week is text structure (compare & contrast, problem & solution, etc.).

Students did an outstanding job presenting their erosion experiments to the K-2 cohort!
}While learning through this project, the kids in 3-5:

  • Read articles, websites and books about erosion and weathering.

  • Created a driving and essential questions to guide their learning

  • Researched to find answers for these questions within their category (wind, water, ice and other)

  • Selected an experiment to try out that mimicked that form of erosion

  • Completed a lab report that organized their research, experiment, hypothesis and thoughts

  • Carried out their experiment and recorded the experiment (we will be posting it to our personal blogs soon!)

  • Recorded their results and conclusion in their lab report

  • Presented their experiments to their K-2 counterparts

Angie Petersen