3-5 News and Pictures!

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Thank you
for attending conferences! We loved sharing the amazing things that your child is accomplishing this year. We know that the team approach is the best way for your child to reach their full potential!

The multimedia portion of our presentation is the focus of our project time this week and last week. Students have completed their research, their written form for their presentation and are now ready to get creative with their multimedia presentations. We are SO excited to share these projects with you at Gallery Night, on the 13th.

Students and teachers are so excited to be completed with assessments and heading back into book clubs! As you heard in conferences, we are focusing on comprehension as we read. This week and next week we are working with summarizing text. This week, our strategy was called the Stop and Jot. With this strategy, students are encouraged to stop after each chapter they read and jot a sentence, or two, but no more than three of what they read in the chapter. Next week we will dive into the Somebody, Wanted, But, Then, So strategy.
So far this year we have been using a lot of picture books that are rich in text for our read alouds, but this past week we have switched to a chapter book, The Whipping Boy. We are hoping that we can model some of the summarizing strategies students can use with their independent reading books, with the class read aloud.

We spent a good chunk of our time this week publishing our narratives. We are so excited to share our finished products with you at Gallery Night on Nov 13th. While working on our narratives this week, we also focused on comma usage. We talked quite a bit about the function of commas, and then went on a hunt in our pieces for areas that needed some comma attention!
We will be heading into opinion writing next week. We will have a lot of fun coming up with and sharing our opinions!

This week we wrapped up our focus on Numbers and Base Ten and took our final post assessment. We are heading into a focus on fractions during the next six weeks, but we will review NBT as needed. Small groups will be reconfigured based on student need from information we gather in the preassessment and from observations in the classroom. We will be more diligent in asking students to place their finished work in their take-home folders after small group. Please ask your child to bring home their completed work so you can take a look at what we are working on.

THANK YOU to all of the families who helped make our Halloween Party a success. The kids had a wonderful time watching Halloweentown, making cards and reading with buddies in a super spooky fashion!

3-5Angie Petersen