3-5 News and Pictures

The Spaghetti Dinner and Gallery Night was a huge success! Thank you to all of the families who volunteered during the dinner and those who brought dessert items. It was wonderful to see the proud students sharing their hard work with family and community members!

We have made the leap into fractions! New small groups have been formed and will begin on Monday. Continuing to work on skip-counting and noticing what fractions look like in real-life situations will help build background knowledge and understanding.

One of the tools we have been using to help students better understand the concept of fractions is Cuisenaire Rods. Here is a virtual example of what we have been doing in class: PBS.

We have continued to study the plot in different texts, including our read aloud of the Whipping Boy. Ask your child what book they are reading in their book clubs.
Encourage comprehension by asking questions like: What is happening right now in your book? Who is the main character and what do they want? What is happening that is making your main character frustrated or angry? What is the setting (where and when) of your book?

Opinion Writing
We know that your child has an opinion on many things-and now we are asking them to write about them! This week we focused on identifying opinion writing and noticing patterns in opinion writing. Things like: using different types of evidence, stating your claim throughout the piece and using direct quotes or opinions of others in the text popped out at us.

One of our activities involved students working with partners to identify patterns in opinion articles:

Project Time
This week we spent a lot of our time getting ready for Gallery Night and reflecting on our work so far this year. Next week we will work on updating our personal blogs and start working on our next project!

We have also spent a great deal of our time this week dabbling in coding! That’s right, our kids are expanding their knowledge in computer science. Ask your child what they have been working on!

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