Week of November 5th-9th

Literacy: Next week we will be teaching text features. We will be pointing out text features that are commonly found in Nonfiction books, and discussing why they’re helpful. You can practice identifying text features in nonfiction books at home. Kindergarten sight words will be: at, can, like.

Math: Kindergarten will be working on making patterns with numbers, and addition and subtraction story problems. 1st grade will be working on unknown partners and math mountains in addition equations. 2nd grade will be exploring place value to the hundreds place. They will practice writing numbers in different ways, and compare numbers up to 200. If 2nd graders could bring grocery ad’s to use, we’d appreciate it.

Social Studies: We will be working on a project about what we are thankful for in our life. We will also be having a PBIS assembly about gratitude on Monday during project time.

Weekly Updates:

11/1- K-2 conferences 4-8pm

11/5- PBIS assembly- Core Essential is gratitude.

11/13-K-5th grade Gallery Night and Spaghetti dinner 4:30-6:30

K-2cassandra stahl