3-5 Update

**Spaghetti Dinner/Gallery Night is Tuesday, November 13th. We hope to see everyone there! Ticket forms will be sent home in about two weeks.**

We are coming up on our 4th week of Numbers and Base Ten in math. Students in all grades have been working on place value and rounding this week. We will continue to focus on place value for the next two weeks. Ask your fourth and third grader what they have been up to with their Math Notebook. Ask your fifth grader if they have brought home examples of what we have been working on in mini-lesson. Small groups will be reevaluated and possibly reorganized based on student need, next week.

This week we have continued to focus on characters, but through inferencing. Inferencing is using what we know (background knowledge) with what read or see (text or picture clues) to come up with what think (inference). We have added pages to our reading notebooks so we can always come back and remember what inferencing is! Next week we will work on comparing characters.

Strategies to make our personal narratives really POP has been our focus this week! We will be uploading our finished pieces to our blogs in the next few weeks. In our convention work this week we have been focusing on simple sentences, namely two and three word sentences. Next week we will focus on apostrophe usage.

We hope you are ready to learn all about Wisconsin counties when you visit our cohort on Gallery Night! Students worked in teams this week to pick a county they’d like to research and carry out that research. Our driving question: As tourism experts, how can we draw people to our county?

Words (Spelling)
Students received their first sort this week, Monday. On Monday of each week, students receive the list of words and the patterns they will focus on for the week. On Monday, students cut the sort and sort them on the table. On Wednesday, students get out their notebooks, sort their words by patterns and write them in their notebooks. On Friday, students meet with their buddies to sort their words together. When they finish, they get to try a speed sort to see who can identify the patterns quickly! A copy of their words should be coming home every Monday night for home practice. We do not have spelling tests.

We will be sending home a note that asks for your personal email if you would like access to view your child’s blog. Because of the security we have put on the blogs, only emails addresses we enter can view the blogs.

Scholastic Book Orders will be coming home within the week. When you purchase books from the orders, our classroom earns dollars for new book club books! Thank you for supporting us!

Spaghetti Dinner/Gallery Night is Tuesday, November 13th. We hope to see everyone there! Ticket forms will be sent home in about two weeks.

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