Week of October 15th-19th

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Literacy: Next week we will be working on story mapping with fiction books. Kindergarten sight words will be: me, on, to. I accidentally wrote “me” in the blog for last week instead of “my”. So I apologize for that. This week we learned “my”, next week they’ll learn “me”. Kindergarten: you should be reading your books in your book bag every night and return them every day. You will have the same book for two nights. Please sign off on the log as well.

Math: Kindergarten has been working shapes (identifying and drawing). Each week, a homework packet will come home. It will be due the following Monday. If it’s finished early, it can be returned anytime. 1st grade is going to work on using strategies for addition. The first strategy is counting on from the greater number. 2nd grade is working on story problems. Next week we’ll work on mixed word problems and more complex compare problems.

Science: We will still be learning about matter (solid, liquid, gas). This is a Project Lead the Way kit. Next week students will be planning and designing a way to save an ice pop from melting so fast. We’ll be starting to work on project boards to have on display for Spaghetti Dinner and Gallery Night.

Weekly Updates:

10/12- PBIS reward for earning 50 pts in specials (Movie and popcorn) in the afternoon

10/15- WHOLE DAY PACKER/BREWER SPORT DAY. Wear your favorite sport apparel.

10/19- Fire safety presentation and stations in the morning.

10/24- Scholastic Book Orders due. All orders must be placed online. Class code is GRP88

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