Week of Jan 8th-12th

Math- Kindergarten will be practicing identifying teen numbers, and equations that equal teen numbers.  First grade will be finishing the unit on place value and taking the test on Tuesday and Wednesday. Second grade will be working on practicing subtraction with grouping and ungrouping (using money). We will also be reviewing adding and subtracting word problems. 

Literacy- Our focus will be on reviewing parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives) and phonemic awareness. All students will be taking the fastbridge math and reading district assessments over the next two weeks. 

Project Time- We will be continuing with the unit on Animal Adaptations and habitats. We will be learning about camouflage, protection, food, and locomotion, and how animals have to adapt to their habitat. Students will be creating a person and proper footwear to survive in a given habitat. 

Other News:


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