Week of Sept 11th-15th

We had an exciting, and busy first week of the school year. We learned the rules, expectations, and routines. We also learned what we can do to show we are responsible at school. We practiced the literacy center rotations and math rotations. 

Math- Kindergarten will be working on writing and identifying numbers 0-10. First grade will be working on number partners of 6-9. Second grade will be working on even/ odd numbers, counting by 2's, and teen totals. 

Literacy- Mrs. Stahl's, Mrs. Wheiland's and Mrs. Radmer's literacy groups learned about center expectations and procedures. We practiced rotating from center to center. Next week, we will continue to practice center rotations, and will begin center work (words, writing, read to self, read to someone, listening center, and teacher center). We will be starting the KELS (Kewaskum Early Literacy Screener) to see what level your child is at. This will help us put the students into literacy with students who are at similar levels. 

Project Time- Next week we will be starting a short unit on families. We will be learning about our families. We will be comparing and contrasting our families, and graphing those similarities and differences. 

Other News:

If you plan to volunteer in the classroom or chaperone field trips, please complete the background check form online. Click Here to Complete Application

K-2 will be starting library next week. They will have library on Thursday afternoons. 

We are in need of empty paper towel rolls. If you could send some in, we'd appreciate it!

Have a great weekend,

K-2 team



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