Week of Sept 18th-22nd

 Math- Kindergarten will be working on drawing and identifying circles, squares, and rectangles. First grade has completed unit 1 of math review on number partners of 10.  Please watch for homework to come Monday. It is due Monday. Second grade will be working on reviewing double facts, practicing adding 3-4 addends in a number sentence, and will be starting add to/ take away word problems. 

Literacy- This week we will continue to practice center rotations, and will begin center work (words, writing, read to self, read to someone, listening center, and teacher center). We will be continuing the KELS (Kewaskum Early Literacy Screener) to see what level your child is at. This will help us put the students into literacy with students who are at similar levels. We will also start teaching about character and setting. 

Project Time- Next week we will be starting a short unit needs and wants (identifying what they are and discussing the difference). 

Other News:

Kindergarten will be having a bus safety presentation on Tuesday

Guidance will start next week for 1st & 2nd grade

If you plan to volunteer in the classroom or chaperone field trips, please complete the background check form online. Click Here to Complete Application

K-2 has started library. They will have library on Thursday afternoons. 

Have a great weekend,

K-2 team

K-2cassandra stahl