Week of May 22nd-26th

Math- Kindergarten and first grade will be working on practicing addition and subtract facts fluently. 2nd grade will be working on adding lengths together and finding the perimeter around shapes. They will also be taking unit 7 test. 

Literacy- K-2 mini lessons will focus on punctuation marks (what they look like, sound like, how to read them, etc). 

Projects: We finished our last project for the year last week. We will reflect on this years projects and discuss our favorites, etc. We'll be purchasing goods from 3-5 on Wednesday afternoon also, and discussing goods and services that we learned from them. 

Just a reminder that Mrs. Ermer will be subbing for Mrs. Wheiland for the remainder of the school year. If you have questions or concerns, let Mrs. Stahl or Mrs. Radmer know. 

Upcoming Events:

5/24- Choir performance at KMS

5/24- All school end of the year picnic at lunchtime

5/26- Library presentation about summer programs offered at the library

Have a great weekend,

K-2 Team

K-2cassandra stahl