Weekly Office Updates & Reminders

Students enjoyed Bike to School Day on Wednesday 5/10! Thank you to everyone who made the event possible!

Upcoming Events & Reminders!

5/14 - Happy Mother's Day!!
5/16 - Student Government School Store 8:40-8:50am
5/16 - 3rd-5th Grade Art Museum Field Trip 10:00-2:30pm
5/16 - Women's Auxillary "The Poppy Story" 2nd Grade - 1:00pm
5/17 - FUTP60 Sponsored ALL SCHOOL BREAKFAST! 8:40-9:00am
5/17 - 5th Grade KMS Visit & Field Day! 1:30-3:30pm
5/18 - 3rd-5th Spiros Tour & Discussion Field Trip 9:15-11:10am
5/18 - FUTP60 Food Tasting - Mango 12:05-12:35pm

*Reminder NO Intramurals this week! Next date is 5/23.

This Month's Core Essential is: DETERMINATION! Check these videos with your child @ home!

Introduce your kids to DETERMINATION: Deciding it's worth it to finish what you've started.
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Your kids can finish strong while singing and dancing!

Rachel Maas