Week of May 15th-19th

Math- Kindergarten and first grade will be working on reviewing basic facts (both addition and subtraction). 2nd grade will be working on unit 6 test. They will also be starting a unit on fractions and length word problems. 

Literacy- K-2 mini lessons will focus on the correct fluency, rate, and expression to use when reading. We will model the correct and incorrect ways so they can notice the difference. 

Projects: We are finishing the unit on Pushes and Pulls. We will conclude with a problem where they will have to design the best way to move rocks up a ramp. We are in need of small ring box size boxes by Tuesday. If you have any at home and wouldn't find sending one in, we'd appreciate it. 

On a side note, Mrs. Wheiland's last day will be tomorrow, Friday May 12th due to a minor surgery. She hopes everyone has a fun and safe summer. She will be back next fall. Mrs. Ermer will be subbing for her for the remainder of the school year. 

Upcoming Events:

5/12- Dress up Day chosen by Ben! (Dress up like a packer or your favorite sports team)

5/12- PTO flower pick up 

Have a great weekend,

K-2 Team

K-2cassandra stahl