Week of April 12th-13th

This was a short week. We made an earth day project and talked about ways we can help keep the earth clean. I hope the students enjoyed the play on Thursday. It did get a little long for the kiddos to sit, so they definitely enjoyed getting the chance to get up and move to the music!

Next week we will be learning the letter Yy. We will also begin Fastbrige literacy testing. I will be testing each student on upper and lowercase letter recognition, letter sound recognition, concepts of print and onset (beginning) sounds. I will communicate the results with you once testing is complete. Testing will take the place of some project and small group time over the next couple weeks, so your child will not be bringing as much work home. 

Also, I'm in need of empty 20oz (or similar) water or soda bottles (labels removed). If you have any to send in over the next week, I'd appreciate it!

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs. Stahl


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