Week of 3/13-3/16

Math- Kindergarten will be working on partners of ten and story problems. 1st grade will be working on time (hours and half hours). You can practice telling time at home on an analog clock. 2nd grade will be wrapping up two step story problems. We'll be taking the chapter 4 test, and we'll begin to talk about time to the hour and half hour and am and pm (review from first grade). 

Literacy- K-2 will be reviewing all of the parts of speech that we've learned about the last few weeks. 

Projects: The K-2 class will be starting a unit on plants (life cycle, parts, and what they need to grow). 

Upcoming Events:

3/9- Spaghetti Dinner and Gallery Night 4:30-7pm

3/15- 2nd grade will be meeting with the Kewaskum Public Library to talk about how to get a library card. 

3/17-3/20 NO SCHOOL

3/23- Conferences (Teachers requests have been sent out to those specific families). If you have questions or concerns, please contact Rachel in the office. 

Have a great weekend,

K-2 Team

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