PLTW Student Videos

Students finished their Project Lead The Way Energy Conversions unit this week. After learning about the different types of energy, they were asked to apply what they learned to solve the following problem:

Finally your parents have built the tree house in the backyard that you and your friends have been wanting so badly. Now it’s up to you to furnish it. You and your friends have put together a crate of food, a box of games, and a few chairs. All of these items are too heavy for you to directly lift up the ladder safely or hoist by a rope that you hang over the edge of the tree house railing. What ideas do you have for getting your supplies into the tree house? In this project you will use two devices built with VEX IQ® equipment to work toward a solution to this problem. You may use the bike you built in an earlier activity as well as a pulley system that you will construct in Part 1 of this project.  

Here are student videos showing different ways they solved the problem. 

3-5Nicole Ebert