3-5 Cohort Update

Students in 3-5 are very excited to share all of their work at Showcase on March 9. You will be able to see their nonfiction books they created and their science project. For their project, students learned all about space in many different ways. We had a virtual learning experience with NASA and visited the Milwaukee Public Museum and watched an IMAX movie about the stars. In addition to this, students researched the planets in our solar system. They were divided into groups and created a slideshow to teach the class about their assigned planet. Next, we collaborated with art to have the kids get creative with their project. They created a creature that could live on a planet other than Earth using the information they learned about temperature, atmosphere, and gravity. We are amazed at the effort and pride students are putting into this project. 

There are still a few slots open for volunteers for the spaghetti dinner. You can sign up here.

In the classroom, students are continuing to work on nonfiction writing on a topic of their choice. We are also about to introduce a new Project Lead The Way kit on Energy Conversions. We will be sure to share more information and pictures in future blog posts.

In math, 3rd grade is working on learning about polygons and area and perimeter. 4th grade is working on metric and US customary measurement. They are also reviewing area and perimeter. 5th grade is digging into problem solving and writing and solving equations. 

We continue to meet with small groups daily for literature discussion groups. The PTO purchased quite a few new books for the kids. They are enjoying the new books. During our daily mini lessons, we are focusing on text structure (compare/contrast, cause/effect, chronological order, problem/solution, and main idea/detail). These lessons go along very well with our nonfiction writing.

This month our character trait focus is forgiveness. Forgiveness means deciding that someone that has wronged you doesn't have to pay. Here is the video we used to introduce this character trait.

Let Sam introduce your kids to FORGIVENESS: Deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn't have to pay



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