Energy Conversions - Project Lead the Way

Students in grades 3-5 are learning all about energy conversions. We started the unit by reviewing potential and kinetic energy. Students used the Inventor Publisher app on the iPad to construct a stationary bike using our VEX kits. They used the bike to discuss the difference between potential (stored) and kinetic (motion) energy.


Next, they learned about thermal energy by investigating a hand warmer, light energy by investigating a glow stick, and mechanical, light, and electrical energy by investigating a generator.


For our third activity, students used an LED light and lithium battery to investigate electrical energy. Then, they dismantled a flashlight to get an understanding of how it worked. They were able to see how the electrical energy transferred to light energy. We also talked about how the battery was a form of chemical (potential) energy.

We will continue to work through two more activities before we finish our Project Lead the Way kit. Please look back next week for more updates.

3-5Nicole Ebert