Week of 2/13-2/16

Math- Kindergarten will be working on partners of ten and 3d shapes (cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres. First grade is working on collecting and comparing data and graphing. Second grade is working on subtraction fluency within 100 and word problems with addition and subtraction. 

Literacy- Mrs. Stahl's group will be doing review activities with the sight words because we've learned all 51 sight words! K-2 will be continuing to test on F & P reading level next week. Those results will be communicated on the trimester 2 report cards. 

Projects: The K-2 class will be participating in a virtual field trip through the Challenger Learning Center called Want to be an astronaut, where they will be learning about the astronauts job and what it's like to be on the space shuttle. We will be doing a pre-lesson next week making and discussing the badges that astronauts wear. 

Upcoming Events:

2/14- K-2 Valentine's Day Party. 2nd graders were sent a sign up genius to bring treats. Just a heads up, please do not write names on Valentines. It will make passing them out go much quicker this way. 

2/16- 9am- Fondy Skippers (jump rope team) will be here in the morning to show us their skills!

NO SCHOOL ON THE 17th-20th!

21st & 22nd- Virtual field trip (Want to be an astronaut) The class will be split in two groups. Each virtual field trip will least about 1 hour and will take place in our classroom :)

Have a great weekend,

K-2 Team

K-2cassandra stahl