Week of 2/13-2/16


The highlight of this week were our Valentine's Day party and the field trip! The kids all had a great time on the field trip and were very well behaved. Hopefully your child told you all about the fun he/she had :) Here is a link to the video that was created from the field trip: 


We also learned the letter Rr, and learned about playing fair and taking turns. I'm anxious to see how this carries over to play time.

Next week we will start our focus on community helpers. We will have a few guest speakers ( a nurse, police officer, and cook) come to talk to the class about their job duties and how they help the community. We will also be talking about what we want to be when we grow up.

We will be learning the letter Kk and talking about having fun with friends in Second Step. 

The work from the community helpers week will be on display at our whole school Gallery Night and Spaghetti Dinner on Thursday, March 9th 4:30-7pm. I hope everyone will be able to make it. 

Enjoy the warm weather this weekend and your day off Monday!
Mrs. Stahl

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