December 3-5 News

Numbers and base ten is our focus for December and January.  Students are working on a variety of skills including place value, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.  We are working heavily on supporting strong number sense, which means holding off on the traditional methods of solving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division until students understand why those methods work.  We will be doing reassessing students just before break to see if groups need to be changed to best meet student needs.  
Ask your child what they are working on in small group work and what they are learning in their mini-lessons to find out more.  Please keep in mind that what your child is learning in mini-lesson is probably not exactly the same as the concepts they are working on mastering in small group-and that's ok!

This month we are working on a variety of science topics including: the water in our world, Earth's place in our universe, and how all of the spheres work together to form the world we live in.  Check out this video that we watched in class to help us understand the spheres!

What clues did you read?  What do you know?  What inferences can you make?  These three questions have guided our reading lesson for the first part of the month.  We have been working on identifying inferences in short paragraphs and read aloud texts.  We will move into inferences in our book club books within our book clubs as the month continues. 
In addition to signing off on your child's 100 minutes each week, please take a moment to ask them what book they are reading in book club or independently.  Are they enjoying it?  Is this a new genre for them?  Are they keeping up with their assigned reading and writing?   

We are digging into books during writing this month.  While writing narratives, it's important that we look to other written work-like books-to see how that author used craft and elaboration to bring their piece to life and make it enjoyable to read.  We are talking about those strategies and encouraging students to create daily goals.  These goals help form their narratives into the amazing works of art they have pictured in their head.  Ask your child what small moments they have decided to turn into their narrative pieces!

Class Party
Our class Christmas Party will be held on Friday, December 22nd.  Please check out our sign up for more information and to donate if possible!  We are looking forward to another great day!

The annual student government Regift is going to be held on the 22nd.  Please keep those gently used items coming in!  

The Christmas Concert is next week Thursday, the 14th at 2:00 and 6:30.  We look forward to seeing you there!  The kids are doing an amazing job preparing for the special event.  Next week, we will be making our ornaments to hang as decorations on the concert trees.


3-5Angie Petersen