Week of Jan 2nd-Jan 5th

Math- Kindergarten will be working on teen numbers and counting with groups of five. First grade will be working on adding two digit numbers. Second grade will be working on subtracting from 200, and practiciting the different methods of subtraction with ungrouping. 

Literacy- Our focus will be on adjectives (describing words). 

Project Time- We will be starting a new PLTW unit on Animal Adaptations and habitats. We will be learning about camouflage, protection, food, and locomotion, and how animals have to adapt to their habitat. Students will be creating a person and proper footwear to survive in a given habitat. 

Other News:

12/23-1/1- No SCHOOL

1/2- School resumes

Here is a video that was made by Mrs. Maas from the community helpers unit. Click the link to view it: https://animoto.com/play/7TYgyQOmynYsNO4wYImnIw

We'd also like to send out a thank you to PTO for providing a book from the book fair to each student. PTO also provided each classroom with a set of books. 

K-2cassandra stahl