Week of Nov 27th-Dec 1st

Math- Kindergarten will be identifying and writing teen numbers. First grade will be working on partners through 6 and memorizing basic facts up to 6. Second grade will continue to measure in inches. They will also be putting data that they collect on line plots, and there will be a unit 3 test on Friday. 

Literacy- We will be learning about text features (purpose of text features, where they can be found, and how to identify them). Mrs.Stahl's group sight words are: him, get, she.  

Project Time- We will be starting a new PLTW unit called Animals and Algorithm. Students will be learning about computer programming, and how to program characters in a program called Scratch Jr. 

Snack Time- After getting feedback from parents during conferences, we will be letting the children eat a second quick, healthy snack before recess at 2:30.  This snack is optional.

Other News:

11/22- End of Trimester 1

12/1- Report cards available to view at 4pm. 

Have a great weekend,


K-2cassandra stahl