3-5 November Wrap-Up

What a busy and exciting month we have had in our cohort!

Your child should have brought home their pre and post fraction assessments.  We wanted to send those home as an example of their achievements while working on fractions.  When the report cards come home, they will show their grade level achievements, and we wanted to be sure that families also saw their achievements in other grade level bands as we worked hard to fill those gaps!  When we return after Thanksgiving, we will switch our focus to adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  Students have already completed their preassessments and are ready to go!

We continue to meet with every student during our workshop times.  Ask your child what book they are currently reading.  Your child should have their reading assignment written in their assignment notebook every day that they meet with their book club.  
Our mini-lessons this month have focused on point-of-view, theme and author's purpose.  

We have completed our persuasive writing unit.  If you attended Showcase Night, you may have noticed your child's writing on display!  If not, don't worry, a copy was also sent home earlier this week.  Students completed the persuasive writing assessment and we are ready to move on to our next genre!  Before we moved on, we took some time this week to write persuasive pieces as a turkey who needed to convince others not to eat us!  Ask your child what reasons they came up with to try to sway their reader! 

We hope you enjoyed attending Showcase Night and taking a look at some of our explorations so far this year!  We will be starting a new project when we return from Thanksgiving Break!

3-5Angie Petersen