Week of Oct 23rd-27th

Math- Kindergarten will be introduced to addition and subtraction, what it means. First grade will be working on finishing up unit 2 on Tuesday, and then will begin working with unknown numbers in an equation. Second grade will be working double digit addition methods (new group & totals). 

Literacy- All three literacy groups will be focusing on what are the components of fiction and nonfiction books. First and second grade will be taking a closer look at text features (glossary, table of contents, etc), while kindergarten will work on differentiating between fiction and nonfiction. Have discussions as you're reading your books in your bags if they are fiction or nonfiction and why.  

Project Time- Next week, students will be working in small groups to draw and label a map of the business they toured for the community project. We also hope to begin working on making commercials advertising the businesses we've been studying. If you have a background in advertising and would be interested in helping out with his activity, please let us know!

Other News:

10/26 & 11/2- Parent Teacher Conferences 4-8pm

10/27- PTO Halloween Bash (6:00-7:30pm)

Have a great weekend,


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