Week of January 9th-12th

Our highlight of the week was making two different kinds of fake snow! We used one kind to paint "puffy" snowmen using a mixture of shaving cream and glue (equal parts), and the other kind was made to play and get messy with ;) (1/2 cup conditioner + 3 cups of baking soda). 

We also made sledders to put up on our "sledding" bulletin board, learned the letter Ss, and learned about what to do when we feel frustrated (put our hands on our stomach and say, "stop")

Thank you to those of you who came to Make and Take. It was fun!

Next week, I will start Fastbridge literacy testing (uppercase, lowercase letters, and sounds). I will communicate those results with you on the 2nd trimester report card. After the testing is complete, I will put students in small groups and differentiate the instruction to meet their needs. 

Next week we will be learning the letter Jj and making a book working on positional words. Our focus in Second Step will be on naming feelings. 

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Stahl 

4Kcassandra stahl