3-5 Cohort 1/13/17 Update

We Like to Write!

This week we worked on planning out our informational piece.  Last week students selected the topic that they would like to write about.  Something that they would like to teach others about.  For this week's lessons, students spent their time writing long to answer questions they think their readers will be interested in.  Next week, we will continue to work on informational writing and start learning more about the art of researching.   

We were excited to be the audience for the K-2 cohort on Friday!  The students in the K-2 cohort shared their finished writing pieces with us.  They impressed us with their writing skills and illustrations! 

Next week, we will wrap up our computer science project, have a visit from Brian Niznansky on Wednesday and begin our Space Project!   To wrap up our computer science project, students will be asked to create a video explaining an innovative product they think this world needs.  Please encourage your child to think over the weekend, of a product that would make this world a better, safer, more fun place to be!

3-5Angie Petersen