September 9, 2016 3-5 Cohort

In Our Room We...


While working in our reading workshops students participate in a whole group minilesson on a reading strategy or skill. Then students move one to work in two stations.  They are either independent reading or in a teacher station.  During the teacher station, students are either working on skills within a book club or they are working on skills associated with reading using shorter texts.   During their independent station, students are either reading on their own, working on book club reading, using their Chromebooks to access online reading or reading with an adult. 

Students are grouped based upon their learning goals and needs.  These groups are evaluated and rearranged at least every three months, or sooner if needed. 


This year we are implementing a math workshop!  Mrs. Petersen and Mrs. Ebert participated in professional development sessions over the summer.  Our math structure now looks a lot like our reading and writing workshops.

Students start in a grade level based minilesson and then move on through four stations.  The stations include:
     M-Meet with Teacher-a small group that is focused and based on student need.
     A-At Your Seat-students work independently on written work assigned during the Meet with Teacher station.
    T-Technology-students work on their Chromebooks on assigned games or activities.
    H-Hands On/Game-students work in pairs or groups using manipulatives or games that focus on the math skills they are learning.


We have been so thrilled at the student successes and discoveries while working through projects.    During project time students are involved in a variety of activities that include components of direct instruction, independent research, team research, non-fiction writing and presentation skills.  Research and lessons include book materials, textbook materials, short videos, online databases, magazines and more!


Next week we will explain all about our Writing and Word Work!

3-5Angie Petersen