October 3rd-7th

Math- Kindergarten will be having unit 1 test on Tuesday. After that, they'll continue to work on numbers 1-10 (identifying, counting, writing, ect.). First grade is working on basic facts and subtraction with circle drawings. Second grade will be working on taking apart and putting together story problems and focus on the language about whether to take away or add. They're also going to work on comparison story problems. 

Literacy- Mrs. Stahl's group will be finishing up FastBridge literacy testing on Tuesday and then will begin guided reading groups on Thursday. They will also be introduced to three new sight words: he, me, do. K-2 mini lessons and small groups will focus on characters and character traits and comparing characters.

Projects: We are continuing to work on Properties of Matter. On Tuesday we're having two guest speakers come in to teach the students about a product they invented. On Wednesday we will finish up the states of matter lesson. We'll continue to learn about the properties of matter over the next few weeks. 

Upcoming Events:

10/3: Mini KEYS run/ walk at Farmington Elementary (Rain Date) 1:35-3:30

10/3: Bag lunch forms are due  (if you're choosing that option)

Monday's library group will be rescheduled for Thursday (because of the mini KEYS event)

10/9: District KEYS Event

Supplies Needed: Quart size plastic bags and paper towels empty tubes!! Thanks!!

Have a great weekend

K-2 Team


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