3-5 Update 9/23/2016

Mrs. Mongin has arranged her schedule to add some time at i4Learning.  So, not only do students get their regular art time with her, she also comes into our room to collaborate on a lesson every Friday morning!  This Friday we worked with a web-based program, PowToons.  This program allows users to create short videos with a cartoon like feeling.  The kids dove right in after some tutorials, thanks to Mrs. Mongin, and started creating their unique toons.  

Writing has really taken off this week!  We dove right in to narrative writing, with our focus being small moments.  Students were asked to generate a list of small moments that they have experienced, that they could turn into short stories.  As part of our workshop model, students all participated in a whole group lesson and then split into their small groups for more individualized instruction. 


3-5Angie Petersen