September 12th-15th

We had a great week in 4k! We practiced cutting again, did a color mixing paint project, using dobbers to decorate our names, and made Elmer the elephant (it went along with the story that we read called Elmer). The students are really seeming to enjoy 2nd Step. We learned a great listening song this week. Ask your child if he/ she remembers it. We played a game in the gym where students had to say a friends name before they could throw the ball. This is helping students learn all of their friends names. 

Next week I will start the literacy screening called FastBridge. I will test students to see what uppercase/ lowercase letters, and sounds they know. We will do this test in winter and spring to see the growth that the students make. 

Please return the library book by Tuesday, so your child will be able to check out more books!

Picture day is Wednesday, September 21st. Please return picture forms by that day. 

On Thursday, we will have a bus evacuation drill and a bus safety program.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Stahl

4Kcassandra stahl