3-5 Update 9/16/2016

We have had a great week in the 3-5 cohort!  

Math Workshop
In math, our workshop is in full swing with students participating in all aspects of the stations. Many kids have commented on how they enjoy the small group sessions.  

Reading Workshop
We wrapped up the reading assessments this week and have the kids sorted into their book clubs, which will begin next week.  The groups selected their books today and are looking forward to jumping in to them.

In projects this week we did a review of simple machines and worked with complex machines.  The students worked in groups to design a complex machine to lift the tiger out of the moat it is currently trapped in!  It was so fun to see the groups in deep discussion while trying to figure out the best machine they could create to solve the problem.  Students will begin building and evaluating their machine next week. 

Writing Workshop
This week in writing we spent most of our time reviewing the writing process.  Students worked on a topic of their choice to create their first writing piece.  Next week, our lessons will focus on finding small moments to write about and generating great lists of writing topics.  If you have time at home, talk to you child about what they know well or what they are passionate about-they make for great writing topics!

Our writing time will look a lot like our reading and math workshops.  The whole class will be involved in the minilesson, and students will then either meet with a teacher for a 15 minute group for a focused lesson and/or work independently on their writing piece.  

The students completed their words assessment this week.  We will be using the assessments to help place the student into groups that best fit their word work needs.  Students will begin meeting in their groups sometime later next week or the following week.  Look for a word list to come home with your child around that time.  


3-5Angie Petersen